frédéric robert georges
Chromozoïds are a mix of snapshots and trance. Each Chromozoïd is a surprise taken out of an uncontrolled flow of unpredictable movements.
They freeze once caught by the clic of a camera, but I lke to believe they are coming to light at the confluence of contemplation and spontaneity.
Being witness of this phenomenon I started to make them in December 2011.
I would like to keep some mystery about the photographic origins of Chromozoïds, because I prefer them to be and to remain in an unspecified place free of any memory or idea.
They might seem only to be images, surfaces, but I prefer to say their raw nature inherited from spontaneity, and their aesthetic qualities help us to reconnect, gracefully, with some inner deep layers of our pure vitality, beyond our conditioning, beyond our words, in an unspecified essential place.
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